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I am homeschooling mom of 7 wonderful blessings and wife to my best friend.Baby-Wearing, cloth diapering, pregnancy, natural health and healing and living frugally are some of my other interests. I love to read, write, listen to music, shop second hand, photography and enjoy family time especially out in nature. I enjoy cooking and making things as natural and homemade as possible. I also enjoy learning new things and about others along the way.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Shack

I just finished this today. This is by William F. Young. It is about a man named Mackenzie and his spiritual journey back to The Shack where his young daughter was brutally murdered. A place where he can find forgiveness and freedom or his anger and hurt may intensify. His daughters demise also takes him back to his childhood secrets.
His life is changed from the moment his daughter is taken from his families campsite. Later as he struggles through his pain and sadness he finds a note from God in his mailbox telling him to meet him at The Shack. He wonders what he will find but his fear and anger is overridden by curiosity as he takes a short trip back to where his families pain and sadness started.
This was an entertaining book which seemed to add some insight to why bad things happen especially to good people. Who God, Jesus and the Holy spirit are and what their roles in our lives and the world is. This could be a life changing book for many or just a reinstatement of what the reader may already know. It is worth reading and a warning a lot of it may be just the author's interpretation of it all mixed in with Biblical truth.

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