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I am homeschooling mom of 7 wonderful blessings and wife to my best friend.Baby-Wearing, cloth diapering, pregnancy, natural health and healing and living frugally are some of my other interests. I love to read, write, listen to music, shop second hand, photography and enjoy family time especially out in nature. I enjoy cooking and making things as natural and homemade as possible. I also enjoy learning new things and about others along the way.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

20 weeks

Just hit the halfway mark!  On Monday my husband, daughter and 3 year old went  to my ultrasound. We found out we are having another wonderful............ BOY!!! Our daughter took it well and I was prepared for having another brother.  Good news we have plenty of boy clothes.He is a very healthy baby and so I praise Yahweh for this blessing. I got a little stressed about choosing a name. Since I have 4 boys I am running out of ideas LOL. All the kids names end in N and I wanted a Hebrew name this time. We actually agreed on a name we liked in the past and will announce the baby's name once he is born. My due date is January 13th. We are excited for this new addition to our family. Children are a blessing! The bottom picture is our lovely, wonderful daughter. So blessed to have her and our other boys. Thank you YAH!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

16 weeks

This update is a little late, our main computer was not working. I turned 16 weeks, July 31, 2014. I was still getting morning sickness especially in the morning it seems and I still wake up with morning sickness but it isn't as bad throughout the day. I am craving pizza, ice cream, hamburgers, lemonade and sometimes squirt but also fruits and veggies. My husband is having the cravings right along with me and morning sickness. I am not feeling as tired but get really tired toward evening instead of 2 to 3 pm which is fine with me I would rather be tired in the evening. He is pretty confident it is a girl because with our daughter he experienced the same thing. We will find out August 25th at our 20 week ultrasound! Our daughter is hoping for a sister and prayed for one. We are hoping for another girl as well since we have 4 boys, but I know this baby will be a blessing either way. 
 I plan on homeschooling all my grade school children and am very excited about that. This is the first year and there is sure to be challenges with a new baby but I know it will be worth it. Praise Yahweh for the support of my husband and the motivation and courage to start this new very important task of educating my children. I also pray that I can my oldest son will be protected and blessed as he starts eight grade and I can guide him through it. In Yahshua's name. Amen.

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